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IP Telephony Services
An IP phone system from Ace Technology is your gateway to all the business-building opportunities made possible by an IP-based network. It brings the incredible potential of the Internet to integrated voice, data and multimedia communications to every desktop.
Supported by an IP-enabled PBX (on site or hosted), now everyone in your organization can access voicemail, email, fax and other types of messages from their phones or PC’s through one secure interface. And, as you implement more advanced business solutions, from videoconferencing and collaboration apps to a full contact center, your IP phone system will be the power tool you need to gain all the further competitive advantages of IP telephony.


IP Telephony offers increased flexibility and productivity.
Costs less
You will realize greater savings with IP Telephony over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines, and there is no investment in equipment and maintenance with a hosted and managed IP Telephony solution from More flexible – Calls can be made over an Internet connection from a standard phone or a computer. New users can be added easily and quickly, without involving IT.

Enhanced Productivity
Your people can work anywhere, be reached anywhere and still access the wide range of features on the network.

Realize greater efficiencies
You can consolidate traffic from multiple locations to a central access point for even more efficiency and potential cost savings.

Simple, secure and reliable
You simply access the secure, reliable ACE TECHNOLOGY IP Network for all your voice traffic, and get all the QoS-enabled connections you need.

Full range of features
ACE TECHNOLOGY IP Trunking can deliver all the functionality you’re used to such as Direct-in-Dial, Fax/Modem support, Directory/Operator Service, 911 Location Validation and more.

Transparent reporting
You always know what you’re paying for. ACE TECHNOLOGY IP Trunking also offers call quality and traffic metrics reporting.

Productivity tools supported by IP telephony include:
  • Unified messaging – integrating voice, email and fax through one interface
  • Single-number access – quickly connecting all remote and mobile workers
  • Network-wide presence – real-time status alerts on colleagues’ availability
  • Collaboration tools – file sharing and other apps for instant data exchange
  • Videoconferencing – helping dispersed teams coordinate efforts face-to-face.


Hosted IP Telephony Services

IP Telephony from ACE TECHNOLOGY enables company phone calls to be made over the Internet, saving money, increasing flexibility and keeping employees in touch no matter where they may be.
If you’re thinking of transitioning to IP Telephony from your current Centrex voice communication service, ACE TECHNOLOGY provides a simple path with the same features and convenience. Ace technology’s hosted solution gives you all the benefits of a PBX with the added value of IP:
  • Add, remove or change users as required
  • Access a broad range of IP applications and services without investing in systems or resources
  • Keep the services you know and use, and add more to improve productivity, such as:
    • Integrated messaging – Offers access to voice mail and email in the same place at the same time
    • Mobile worker features – Lets you manage calls and access information wherever you have an Internet connection
    • One number access – Allows you to be reached wherever you are

IP Trunking goes the distance simply and cost-effectively


Ideal for PBX (Private Branch Exchange) customers with multiple locations and data applications, IP Trunking enables delivery of voice traffic from your PBX to your telephone line over the ACE TECHNOLOGY IP Network. A separate access for voice connectivity is no longer required.
IP Trunking offers PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connectivity over a ACE TECHNOLOGY IP Network supporting a full suite of calling features as well as national or regional consolidation of PBX voice traffic. As part of the IP Trunking service, you also get online reporting information on call quality metrics and traffic utilization, enabling optimum utilization of capacity.

  • Enjoy all the voice features you expect without the need for a dedicated access
  • Enjoy voice transmission over an IP Networks access with QoS to ensure voice quality
  • Consolidate voice traffic from multiple locations at a central PSTN interface point
  • View quality and traffic metrics online to simplify capacity management

Protect the reliability of your network with options for back-up configuration.