Enterprise Network Solutions, Services and Telecommunications
Wireless Infrastructure
ACE Technology specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of network and telecommunications infrastructure for transporting data, voice and imagery.

Our deployments are made according to customer needs and based on standards of the telecommunications industry. We offer turnkey projects which include all the necessary deployment of wireless at the cutting edge of technology networks components.

ACE Technology is known for its expertise and achievements over the years.

Our solutions
  • Wireless communications networks
  • Wireless networks Wi-Fi (802.11x)
  • Telecommunications infrastructure products
  • Telemetry and remote monitoring
  • Consultation
  • Analysis course and performance
  • Deployed quickly
  • Economic, because they contain no recurring monthly fees and require minimal setup
  • Safe because they include the same safety criteria as computer network

Wireless Surveys
A proper wireless survey involves a site visit to determine your overall goals, resources and locations for access point installation.
Once our team arrives on site, we assess your network capacity, data rate needs, and RF interference to create the ideal solution for your building or institution, whether it be a point-to-point or a mesh wireless solution. Regardless of the size of your project, we have the skills and resources to meet your challenge.

Enterprise WLANS
More applications are using wireless technology due to its increased speed and security. Wireless local area networks (WLANs) have higher throughput speeds than ever before; today’s solutions are increasingly fast, flexible and efficient.
WLANs permit instant network access across your offices, campuses or institutions. Long-term costs are reduced due to the elimination of leased lines and wiring installations. WLANs are fast, mobile and reliable; when properly installed they are fully-scalable but maintain centralized management.
WLANs support a broad-spectrum of applications, including enterprise-wide mobility, building-to-building campus connectivity, asset management tracking (warehousing), voice and video.

Wireless Security and Surveillance
With a wireless security system, video surveillance cameras can be deployed quickly and easily—sometimes at a fraction of the cost of wired systems. Your wireless security system can be installed anywhere, across rugged terrain, water and remote areas.
Typical applications for wireless security and surveillance include: government facilities, enterprises, shopping malls, transportation hubs, university campuses, schools and more.