Enterprise Network Solutions, Services and Telecommunications
Managed Services
We manage your IT. You manage your business.
Your company needs to operate efficiently to remain competitive. That means concentrating on your core business and strategic interests. With AT managed services you can offload some or all of the daily system maintenance tasks that keep your key people bogged down.
Our solutions:

We have the skilled technical people that can keep your complex systems running smoothly, at a predictable monthly cost. From specific desktop services to fully outsourced customized solutions, we can provide monitoring and management for all aspects of your network and IT infrastructure.
Help Desk:
Organizations are always looking for efficient and caring technical support representatives to resolve their daily IT issues. Ace Technology’s Help Desk team has answered this call. One of the critical aspects of providing a value-driven and caring customer experience is by having a technical team that understands the unique customer configurations and requirements for support. By constantly investing into key technology, Ace can now offer a full incident management and SLA-driven service by certified, experienced Help Desk technicians. Some of the differentiating qualities of our Help Desk services team are:
  • 365 24/7 technical support
  • Bilingual and global support
  • Certified technical team
  • SLA-driven response coupled with a priority matrix system

Ace Technology’s Help Desk is a service solution that offers organizations IT support that’s affordable and easy to integrate into any operational environment.
The Service Desk functions as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to provide users with the help they need to restore their service as quickly as possible with a minimum amount of disruption and downtime. The SPOC model is important as it is designed to save users time when they are needing to resolve their technology issues.

One phone call, one email, one message, one click. That’s all it takes for your employees to get the help they need. And that’s all it takes for you to improve service in your IT environment. Our service desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and provides customer request management, problem tracking and help desk services. Our certified, knowledgeable agents use the best technology and practices to identify requests or problems and respond quickly and professionally.
  • Reduce in-house training costs
  • Provide a better desktop experience for your users
  • Obtain fast, courteous and efficient service from a trusted source
Key features and benefits
Understand and control your IT costs while providing better overall IT service quality. You can focus on your business – Ace Technology will provide the service and support to improve the productivity of your end-users.
  • Proactive approach to eliminate repeat problems
  • Service levels to measure and improve service
  • Follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction of incident resolution
  • Customized support tiers for executives
  • Web dashboard ticket management system
  • Total in-house staff compliment (no off-shoring)

What it includes
Ace Technology Service Desk provides the technology, the expertise and the people to deliver the IT support that your employees and customers need. Calls are automatically routed to the right people, with the right skills and remote management tools to resolve them quickly. Service Desk responsibilities include:
  • Incident detection and recording
  • Incident classification and initial support
  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolution and recovery
  • Incident closure
  • Incident ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication
Service Desk Tier 1 Operations
  • Incidents tracked through to completion
  • Engage and manage your 3rd party providers
  • Incident escalation as required
  • Complaint management
  • Quality Assurance
Remote Tier II Operations

  • Remote desktop takeover
  • Desktop support- All Windows Server Platforms
    • Level 2 troubleshooting
    • Virus response and remediation
    • Network LAN / WAN
    • Security
    • Server support – Windows, Unix, Linux
    • Desktop applications
    • Customized applications
    • Mainframe
    • NetBackup
    • Database

Phone Support
Accessed via a single number, phone support enables customers to have direct access to experienced technicians able to understand the problem, troubleshoot and resolve the issue or proceed as necessary to escalate to level 2 or 3 technicians.
Management of incidents
All Calls lead directly to a hotline staffed by bilingual technicians and engineers. To ensure a good response, the call is initially by a level 1 technician, which depending on the complexity of the issue, routes the ticket to a specialist. A ticket is created and sent to the client to ensure that all information is documented in the tracking database, which ensures the traceability and transparency.