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Mobile Disaster Recovery Server

Ace Technology provides a DR service for your IT infrastructure. We can provision rented physical servers and restore your Backed Up Operating Systems to a hardware independent server. Within one business day you will be able to receive your provisioned server with your companies mirrored data. Rented servers are complete, ready-to-run, turnkey Online Disaster Recovery Backup of your mission critical applications.


How do we do this, you ask!
AceVault DR is a fully automated LOCAL and REMOTE (VPN Required) bare metal backup solution for Microsoft Windows systems that enables you to backup volumes or complete systems including the Operating System, applications and data with a single click. Restore instantly to any point-in-time within minutes. Your files, volumes or even complete systems can be recovered after any disaster.
Powerful Features
  • Disk Imaging Technology – Based on leading disk imaging technologies, AceVault allows you to perform easy single click full system backups for PCs and Servers with total automation including scheduled incremental and differential backups.
  • Rapid Restore – Restore an entire disk, file, folder, volume or even the complete system rapidly!
  • Save Storage Space – Advanced compression saves storage space. Only used blocks are stored, giving you additional savings by not backing up unused portions of the disk. Split backups enable you to fit your images across multiple storage media if needed.
  • Total Security – Encrypt backup images with 256 bit encryption for regulatory compliance.
  • Management Console – Manage all your backup jobs and recovery operations from one intuitive console.