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Hybrid Backup Services: Local, Remote and Cloud

What is a Hybrid Backup Solution?
Hybrid backup is a phrase typically described as the backup and storage of computer files to local and remote or cloud locations. Hybrid backup providers are companies that offer this type of product or service to end users.

AceVault 2.7 Hybrid backup systems is built for clients with large data sets. AceVault 2.7 software runs on a schedule, typically once a day, and usually at night while computers aren’t in use. AceVault collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) location, and the NAS subsequently transfers data to AceVault’s DataCenter or off-site to a Tier 4 Datacenter.

What Do I need to Consider when choosing a Hybrid Backup Solution?
HIPAA, GLB, SOX, PCI – there are dozens of data security and privacy rules and regulations in many countries. At AceTechnology we carefully study them all, and have written our software to maintain full compliance with all of them. AceVault provides full compliance as a foundation for successful Online Backup Services offered to health care providers, banks, stockbrokers, and others who are required to comply with such regulations.

AceVault 2.7 encrypts its data with military-grade encryption before sending it over the Internet. It never sends the encryption key to the Server. Data are stored on the Server encrypted and digitally signed, without original filenames or folder names, available ONLY to authorized individuals.

Our Server Operator cannot access the data. Even if the data stream is copied or the AceVault Server is stolen, the data files are useless. This makes AceVault THE MOST SECURE Online Backup software in the world.
How does it Work?
Only One Full Backup Ever, AceVault’s ability to synthesize a full restore from any number of incremental backups means you only have to do one full backup, ever. All subsequent backups can back up only files that change.

The first backup is always the biggest. And it can take days or even weeks to complete if you do it online. We recommend you use AceVault’s Copy to Disk feature to do the first backup as a Seed Backup using a USB drive or External drive.
Just plug the USB drive into the Client computer, select Run : Copy to Disk, and select the location of the USB drive or External drive. AceVault will do its first full backup to the USB drive instead of over the Internet.


Then we will take the USB drive to our AceVault Server and simply import it into your user’s account. The files on the USB drive are encrypted, compressed, and signed – perfectly safe and compliant – and are immediately available for online restore.

All subsequent backups can be just the changed data only, and can be done online.
AceVault Backup Features Overview
Secure and reliable computer backup and restore service is imperative for the protection of corporate data. The ever-increasing risk of malicious virus attacks, as well as hardware failure and natural disasters, add yet another layer of risk to today’s corporate environment. Servers, PCs, and laptops containing ever-increasing amounts of data create great risk of data loss. Our online AceVault solutions offer an arsenal of tools for remote backup and restore, and therefore protect your mission critical data.
Automated Online Backup Services
Our AceVault remote backup solutions provide the benefit of automated backup service that is secure, fast and bandwidth efficient. The backup schedule and frequency is customizable and even notification of any backup problems is automated with detailed e-mails to one or many contacts.
It is imperative in today’s business climate for every organization to have a disaster and business continuity plan in place. Our AceVault online backup solution is at the foundation of many such plans. Your data can be accessed and restored remotely 24/7 so natural disasters, computer theft, viruses or hardware failure will not slow you down.


Security with Data Encryption
Your data is encrypted at the source then compressed and transferred to our data centers where it remains encrypted and secure at all times. You control your encryption key code for absolute security of your data with a choice between AES, Triple DES or Two fish high security encryption algorithms.
Off-site Backup Services and Data Protection
Step one in a comprehensive business continuity plan is a reliable backup but it is just as important that your backup data is removed and stored offsite at a separate facility in case of fire or natural disaster. Our AceVault solutions automatically and securely transfer your data to multiple geographically separated facilities adding another layer of protection to your backup plan.
Immediate Data Restore
Your data is the lifeblood of your organization and that data must be available to you 24/7 – 365 days a year. AceVault provides immediate online data restore capabilities to any location.
Bandwidth Throttling for Slower Connections
Bandwidth is still a major concern for most small businesses and with more and more services relying on the Internet such as VOIP, your bandwidth can not be hogged by backup routines. AceVault’ s Online Backup service provides bandwidth throttling preserving critical bandwidth to run your business even if backup service processes are running.
Definable Retention Schedules
Retention requirements are different for most industries and must be flexible. AceVault offers complete customization of your retention schedules at no charge. If you need to restore a file from a particular day in the past, you can do so with ease. Our software is so flexible you can even have different retention schedules for different data sets. For example your accounting department might need retention schedules going back much longer in time than your CRM data. Not a problem with AceVault.
Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server Backup support
Our AceVault product provides in-built support for online SQL Server backup and Exchange Server backup.
Multiple Computers under One Account
We don’t charge a license fee for multiple computers. Our online computer backup service allows you to run the backup software on many different PCs and Servers, and you are billed only for the amount of combined backup data under your account.
HIPAA Compliant
The data backup solutions provided by AceVault fulfill the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and specifically help covered entities comply with both the HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security Rules. Read more about our HIPAA compliant solutions.
AceVault provides a near real-time replication of your critical for a double protection.  In the event of a problem at one of our data centers, we can provide instant recovery from alternate locations.