Enterprise Network Solutions, Services and Telecommunications
The Complete Office Solution for Deploying IT in Non-Dedicated Spaces
Why Choose the AceNetCenter Solution?

  • All enclosures are ventilated, sound proof, water resistant
  • Uses ambient air to cool down your servers, storage and net-work devices, VoIP phone system
  • Multiple enclosures sizes that fit your various needs including choice of exterior finishing
  • Easily integrates your existing IT infrastructure
  • Optimize available space
  • Standardize on one solution for branch offices and remote sites

The ACE Technology Advantage: Full Integration and Support

  • Cabling installation and management
  • Server consolidation
  • Installation and training
  • Post sales support
  • Remote monitoring option with AceMon
  • Remote backup option with AceVault
  • Flexible financing and “lease to own” options

Ace Technology NetCenter enclosures system can reduce your organization’s energy costs, use less floor space than conventional server rooms and does not require an air conditioning unit.